Tomb Raider Hack Updated

Tomb Raider Hack Updated

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 Tomb Raider Hack 2014 Updated

Tomb Raider is the latest part of the classic series of action games adventure-rich motifs. The whole studio was developed by Crystal Dynamics – the same that created the three previous episodes of the cycle, ie, Anniversary, Legend and Underworld.The game is rebooted series, and thus allows you to put yourself in a young Lara Croft, before it was famous adventurer. The action begins when a powerful storm breaks belonging to a research ship and our hero lands on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. The theme of this time is to survive in the wild and hostile environment.In this installment, our heroine plays a role in both hunters and wildlife to inhabit the island of creatures. Interacts with this new brutal combat mechanics allows for dynamic battle in close quarters, and which placed a greater emphasis on a variety of applications available weapons, among which you will find, among others arc. To survive, players must use everything they have at hand, and found the way the rope, and machetes hooks may be necessary when exploring the game world. An added attraction is a new movement system, which allows to perform almost all the possible moves that just come to mind. Tomb Raider series has always been famous part of the latest installment platformówkowych and significantly raises the bar in this regard.

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